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Podwrecked is about exploring the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Join your hosts Tim Brien (@kdoi_podcasting) and Kyle Bondo (@merchantsofdirt) as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcast news and guide you through the wasteland of podcast failure to safer harbors. What you learn could save your podcast!

Mar 17, 2020

Ep.32 - Will Tim go to Podfest 2021?

Tim grills Kyle about his recent trip to Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida, to find out if he'll finally go to this conference in 2021.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim asks Kyle what he learned at Podfest this year
  • Kyle talks about how this event is like networking on steroids
  • Kyle talks about his top takeaways
  • Tim makes a decision... and it will be...?

What did we learn?

  • Podfest is the place to be if you're Independent Podcaster
  • The Mini or Micro Conferences were a big hit (especially the AudioDramaCon)
  • Kyle gets into the cost of going to a conference like this and what kind of value you get for your dollar
  • Tim has enough info to make his decision - but you're going to have to listen to find out which way he goes

Do you want to go to Podfest 2021: Kyle -- who's gone three years in a row -- highly recommends it!

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