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Podwrecked is about exploring the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Join your hosts Tim Brien (@kdoi_podcasting) and Kyle Bondo (@merchantsofdirt) as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcast news and guide you through the wasteland of podcast failure to safer harbors. What you learn could save your podcast!

Sep 11, 2020

Ep.42 - Ten Ways to Podwreck

Kyle and Tim give you an exclusive preview of their Indie Podcast Conference 6 (ICON6) talk that explores ten ways podcasters podwreck.

Episode at a Glance

  • Kyle and Tim premier their Ten Ways to Podwreck talk BEFORE ICON6

What did we learn?

Aug 14, 2020

Ep.41 - Deep in the Heart of Podfest

Kyle and Tim record live from the biggest virtual podcasting conference in the world - Podfest Global Summit 2020 - and tell you what we've learned so far.

Episode at a Glance

  • Kyle and Tim come to you LIVE from Podfest Global Summit 2020
  • Only hours after we recorded this episode,...

Jul 31, 2020

Ep.40 - Did You Pause or Did You Podfade?

Kyle talks to Tim about his experimental podcast Clearly Obtuse and the challenges Tim has had with producing it on schedule.

Episode at a Glance

Jul 31, 2020

Hey, You! Yes, YOU! There are 24-hours LEFT to VOTE for PAUSE for Dramatic Effect!
PAUSE for Dramatic Effect by Gagglepod Studios has been nominated for a Podcast Award in the category of Storyteller - Drama! Created by US Navy veteran and Podwrecked co-host Kyle Bondo as a 30-Day challenge, PAUSE is about a US...

Jul 18, 2020

Ep.39 - Life After Episode #13 with Terri Walters

Tim and Kyle talk with Terri Walters, host of (EventYak), about what it was like to create her first thirteen podcast episodes.

Episode at a Glance

  • There is life BEFORE you start podcasting, then there is life AFTER you start podcasting
  • Most tips and tricks don't apply...