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Podwrecked is about exploring the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Join your hosts Tim Brien (@kdoi_podcasting) and Kyle Bondo (@merchantsofdirt) as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcast news and guide you through the wasteland of podcast failure to safer harbors. What you learn could save your podcast!

Mar 26, 2020

Ep.33 - Inside the Podwrecked Workshop

Tim and Kyle tell what they do in their bunkers by giving you some behind the scenes details into their latest podcasting projects and experiments.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim talks about his new podcast - Create Art Podcast.
  • Kyle talks about his new podcast - Not Easily Squished.
  • Tim describes his new art podcast experiment that explores how sound can be art with Obviously Avant-Garde.
  • Kyle describes his new audio drama podcast experiment that will be a dark military comedy called Three-Minute Joe.

What did we learn?

  • YOU are your own gatekeeper and YOU are the only one holding your podcast and podcast experiments back.
  • Always be creating because the only thing worse than a podcast that doesn't work is not doing one at all.
  • Push yourself to become comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to improve your podcasting skills.
  • Continous creation and experimentation are important to your podcast journey.
  • You need to try new things in podcasting to keep yourself from getting bored or stale.
  • We go down a brief comic book podcast road when Tim crosses DC with Marvel in a LIVE experiment.
  • We even get into Veteran Coffee Roasters because we love coffee and know what good coffee tastes like.

About Create Art Podcast Create Art Podcast (CAP), hosted by Gagglepod Co-Founder and Head Instigator Timothy Kimo Brien, is focused on creating more than we consume through conversations on art, interviews with artists, projects to share and commentary about articles and books on creativity. Creativity is best when it is with friends. Let’s connect and create together!

About Not Easily Squished Not Easily Squished, hosted by Gagglepod Co-Founder and Chief Creative Kyle M. Bondo, explores the real ideas, principles, and work that needs to go into a podcast design that will survive long enough to find an audience. Go beyond just content creation and delivery and learn the long-overlooked skills your need to know before you ever sit down in front of a microphone. Turn your podcast idea into something that is Not Easily Squished!

About Obviously Avant-Garde Timothy Kimo Brien, an accomplished artist with over 20 years of experience in the fine arts and poetry world, is experimenting with audio, sound, voice, and silence to bring you a listening experience unlike any other. Enter the mind of the artist in a podcast that explores the nature of art in an audio-only medium. You might even find it Obviously Avant-Garde! Learn how to listen to art in this new podcast by Tim Brien from Gagglepod Studios.

About Three-Minute Joe When veterans from an elite military counter-terrorism unit retire and open a coffee shop, they can't fully espresso their excitement enough! However, just when they think their retirement will be nothing but dark roast and easy days, their long list of enemies decides this is the time to get their revenge and finish these real American heroes off once and for all. Can the owners of Three-Minute Joe fend off a rogue's gallery of villains while brewing the perfect cappuccino? Find out in this new audio drama dark comedy, written and directed by Kyle M. Bondo from Gagglepod Studios.

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