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Podwrecked is about exploring the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Join your hosts Tim Brien (@kdoi_podcasting) and Kyle Bondo (@merchantsofdirt) as they navigate the uncharted dangers of podcast news and guide you through the wasteland of podcast failure to safer harbors. What you learn could save your podcast!

Mar 29, 2019

Ep.14 - I'll Take Podcasting for $100, Tim!

Tim and Kyle discover which podcast categories have the most shows and analyze why that is and what it might mean to how you categorize your own podcast.

Episode at a Glance:

  • Tim and Kyle talk about the top three categories that have the most shows.
  • This leads to talking about why some categories are at the bottom of the list.
  • We then move into talking about the podcasts that produce the most episodes.
  • We finish off the show by talking about why your primary category is a factor in podcast discovery.

What did we learn?

  • The number one category in Apple Podcasts iTunes Directory is Religion and Spirituality: Christianity.
  • Choose a category that your audience will think your podcast is in, not the category you think works best for you.
  • The categories with the most podcasts are also producing the most content per show.
  • The categories at the bottom may not be crowded because there is not much demand for their content. However, they may also represent opportunities to dominate an underserved niche.
  • Many of the categories that have both the most podcasts and the most episodes per show are producing daily podcasts.
  • Just because a podcast category is crowded doesn't mean they are good shows nor does it mean they are all current shows either.
  • Your category helps your audience find you, but it is your content that keeps them listening regardless of how many shows there are.

Additional Reading:

Industry Predictions:

  • Kyle predicts that Apple will institute a new policy that will change the way they rank podcasts in the Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Directory by 2020.
  • Kyle also predicts that Apple will start punishing podcasters this year (in the rankings) that have not released an episode in over 6-months.
  • Read more of our growing list of podcast industry predictions for 2020!

Industry Quotes:

  • “You may say, 'Well, dragons don't exist.' It's, like, yes they do - the category 'predator' and the category 'dragon' are the same category. It absolutely exists. It's a superordinate category. It exists absolutely more than anything else. In fact, it really exists.” ― Jordan Peterson
  • “Categories are rarely permanent, and most important work is done by people who don't easily fit in.” ― Seth Godin

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